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A research-intensive public university in Singapore, our client has 33,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, and Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, and its Graduate College.
Over the span of 2 years more than 14,000 students were profiled, with more than 80% of students expressing feedback that the platform was useful in identifying skillsets as well as discovering career options and learning needs. Approximately 3,000 unique careers were viewed and 4,500 unique skills reported, reflecting a much greater diversity in jobs and skills recommendations than would have been previously possible via traditional career counselling approaches.
unique skills identified across the institution
of students found JobKred’s SPRI useful and relevant
minutes exercise to complete SPRI Profile
on-time completion achieving in collecting and analysing SPRI report

I'm good to go. I will recommend you to my colleagues. Without JobKred, we would have gone bankrupt by now. JobKred is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased.

Jack Lockley

Higher Education

Problem Statement

The current approach to career guidance in tertiary institutes is typically conducted on an individual basis using inventory listings and personality assessments to ascertain a student’s suitability for a specific career. However, the world of work has been changing rapidly and such listings and assessments may not be able to keep up with this rapid rate of change. As such, the institute desired to harness the global real-time jobs and skills database to conduct skills profiling and matching for students to recommend them the most relevant and suitable careers in real-time, as well as identify their skills gaps to facilitate further self-development and career exploration.


JobKred’s real-time analysis benchmarked the university students’ profiles against latest industry standards. Our platform created a more tailored and relevant set of results that enabled students to make better career and learning choices from this quick but comprehensive 30 minute career exploration experience.

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