Ensure operational readiness

Build skilled and compliant teams to meet ever-increasing regulatory requirements, while ensuring operational reliability and reducing the risk and impact of safety incidents.

For Highly Regulated Industries
Automate the tracking, record keeping and renewal process of certifications and licenses, as well as ensure closing of critical skills gaps, to reduce risk of non-compliance, and reduce costs of maintaining a skills and certification ready workforce
For Companies Looking to Scale Operations
Set and maintain skills standards to ensure product quality and reliability of operations. Track and measure skills productivity and results, and adopt new skills and technologies, to build a productive workforce.
For Technical and Skilled Industries
Ensure your workers are meeting the highly specialised skills and certification requirements your industry and clients demand. Deploy credible workers and show proof of skills and expertise, so as to differentiate from competitors and lend credibility to your company.

Scaling operations reliably

"As a rapidly expanding food manufacturing company, we needed to set and maintain skills standards, so that our experienced and older workers can pass on their knowledge effectively, to standardise our processes and achieve reliable quality and uniformity of our products, and to ensure safety and compliance of licensing requirements. While it was possible to document and record the knowledge using a learning management system, it was painful to set and measure proficiency standards and certifications manually, leading to issues of poor quality output, safety incidents, and shut down of production lines due to lack of qualified workers.

With JobKred, we were able to rapidly setup a system for our supervisors to train, track and verify the skills and credentials of our staff, and speed up the time for us to deploy skilled and compliant workers to increase our operational capacity reliably."

- Chief Executive Officer and Founder, leading Food Manufacturing company

Set and ensure skills standards

Assign skill and competency requirements to the company's current and future needs. Leverage JobKred's global skills taxonomy data to rapidly build skills and proficiency requirements, assess and validate skills proficiency of staff and utilise our credentials tracking feature to automatically track and ensure regulatory compliance.

Close critical skills gaps and transform for the future

Identify and close critical skills gaps to shorten time to operational capacity. Prioritise new skills and capabilities and track progress of skills gain to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and processes.

Deploy compliant talent

Assign talent with peace of mind based on attainment of necessary skills and credentials. Identify talent matching specific requirements or analyse and generate reports on skills and credentials strengths, weaknesses or validity across the workforce with JobKred's analytics.

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