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In an ever-evolving future of work, how do companies and individuals stay relevant, credible and competitive?

JobKred (job-credibility) was conceived out of the personal experiences of our founders, Gary and Steven, each having navigated their unique career paths and challenges.

Gary, with his background in business management, took on the role of a marketing head in a tech startup. Through this, he experienced the ever-evolving demands of the fast-paced tech industry, where emerging concepts like "growth hacking" required a unique skill set. His journey of identifying, learning, and applying these skills, as well as mentoring and training new marketing hires, convinced him that there should be a more streamlined way to ensure individuals are equipped with the necessary skills for their roles.

Steven, a trained physicist conducting research in academia, found himself engaged in various big data projects. Despite his substantial involvement, he felt a continuous need to learn and grow. In addition, he developed an interest in exploring alternative career paths where his existing skills might be applicable.

Their shared journey of self-learning and discovery, Gary in Digital Marketing and Steven in Data Science, shed light on the pressing need for a more efficient learning and career management platform.

It's our mission to help people and companies remain ready and relevant amidst continuous market changes.
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At JobKred, our values influence every decision we make in growing our business as a team.
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