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Skills Profiler Program

JobKred is proud to announce its partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore to deliver the Skills Profiler Program for up to 400 SMEs in Singapore!

Powered by JobKred’s Lithium platform, enterprises can now seamless apply Singapore’s SkillsFuture Framework (SFw) as the basis of enterprise Job Profile creation, to enable a data-driven approach to identify and close employee Skills Gaps.

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Key Programme Benefits

For Businesses

  • Harness the power of AI and data to build an Agile & Future-Ready Workforce
  • Review your Business and Human Capital strategies quickly and effectively
  • Perform Accelerated Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and build ready Skills Profiles to receive targeted training recommendations

For Human Resources

  • Get equipped with Knowledge and Best Practices in People Analytics, Technology and Culture
  • No more Spreadsheets! Save hours of manual work by using our AI-assisted platform to enjoy Automation & Intelligence
  • Benefit from World-Class Cloud-based Infrastructure and Security

Your Skills Profiler Journey


System Onboarding

Join the platform and onboard on your own, or attend one of JobKred's monthly workshops to receive 1-1 help with setup and implementation.


Build Job Profiles

Build your company's job profiles, with reference to Singapore SkillsFuture Frameworks, to set the required skills for your roles.


Skills Assessment

Your staff can carry out skills readiness assessment on their own by logging onto the platform, or your supervisors can rate your workers' skills.


Training Needs Analysis

Training Gaps and Needs based on the worker's personal skills and the company's requirements will be automatically identified by the platform.


Training Recommendations

Training content and courses will be recommended to workers based on their individual skills gaps.

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