Rapidly Pivoting a Workforce via Data-Driven Transformation

Advario is one of the world’s largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, gases and chemicals. The company owns and operates 64 terminals in 24 countries with a total storage capacity of 20.2 million cbm, across five continents – Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, India, and the Asia-Pacific region.
Advario’s workforce was evaluated and effciently upgraded. Having partnered JobKred to identify 1,814 skill gaps across 12 departments, Advario could implement effective training and development to swiftly close any gaps. The organisation’s average job readiness of scored above 80%, well above the industry standard’s 60% level. With JobKred’s real-time analysis and all-in-one platform, Advario can now take confidence that they can consistently improve their workforce effectively, and meet the ever-changing demands of the Oil & Gas industry.
weeks process to analyse workforce’s skill profiles
average job readiness achieved throughout the organisation
skills gaps identified across the organisation
departments in the organisation analysed

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Problem Statement

With the increasing emphasis placed on the environment, organisations in the oil & gas industry continue to face increasing demands to pivot themselves to cleaner and greener outfits. Advario’s previous internal training process was very generalised, and could not scale with its growing number of employees. It became increasingly difficult to upskill its workforce and keep employee skillsets up-to-date. In order to thrive in this rapidly changing industry landscape, Advario needed to find a way to measure and refine the skills gap analysis for each employee on a frequent basis. Ideally, they could save massive amounts of time and resources by providing targeted training to specific employees, rather than deploying a generic training plan across all its employees.


JobKred worked closely with Advario to provide a cycle of stages for Advario to progressively identify skill gaps and upskill its employees. Using JobKred’s AI-powered software, SPRE, JobKred could rapidly onboard all of Advario’s employees onto the system and accurately identify skills gaps based on both the global standard, as well as augmentations to fit the company’s particular needs. After identifying employees’ needs, the system provided each staff with a personalised training plan, ensuring their skills will be future-proof against the ever-changing industry demands. This virtuous cycle is easy, repeatable and consistent, thereby increasing Advario’s revenue and allowing them to provide best-in-class services to their clients.

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