Skills and Credentials Management

Make it easy to ensure that your workforce has the necessary skills and credentials to perform and excel in their work.

Set and Enforce Standards
Easily create and maintain the skills and competency requirements and standards with reference data from the industry
Track and Ensure Compliance
Digitise and automate the process of checking, renewing and recording evidence of valid credentials and proof of skills or work
Reduce Operational Risks
Validate that workers are fully compliant, skills and credentials ready, to reduce operational and legal risks

Reducing time to track skills information

"JobKred was instrumental in helping us digitise and automate the process of tracking, assessing and recording the skills and credentials of our 2000 staff. From a painful multi-month exercise involving thousands of man-hours, we were able to reduce the effort to only two weeks of work from one staff member to ensure that every employee's skills data was updated and validated in the system."
- Mr Tan, Head of Human Resources, leading logistics company

Set your skills standards and credentials requirements

Instantly reference the latest industry data from USA, Europe and Asia to easily set the skills and work standards that your employees should possess, or customise your company's unique skills and requirements.

Track multiple categories of skills credentials

Licences, certifications, test results, productivity numbers, or even pictures, can be used to track and verify the skills of employees. Supervisors, training or compliance managers, or the employees themselves can update, upload or validate the skills evidence to ensure authenticity.

Automate the process to ensure validity of credentials

JobKred's system automatically detects non-compliant employees with expired or expiring credentials and instantly sends reminders to all stakeholders to take action, as well as generates instant reports of historical credentials validity for audit or reporting purposes.

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