Skills and Credentials Management

Make it easy to ensure that your workforce has the necessary skills and credentials to perform and excel in their work. Utilise JobKred’s skills and credentials management software to streamline the validation of qualifications, ensuring your employees are both capable and compliant with industry standards.

Set and Enforce Standards
Easily create and maintain the skills and competency requirements and standards with reference data from the industry
Track and Ensure Compliance
Digitise and automate the process of checking, renewing and recording evidence of valid credentials and proof of skills or work
Reduce Operational Risks
Validate that workers are fully compliant, skills and credentials ready, to reduce operational and legal risks

Main Features of Our Credentials Assessment Software

Our credentials assessment software is designed to streamline and enhance the management of employees’ skills and credentials within your organisation. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, providing a robust solution for managing the diverse and dynamic needs of today's workforce.

Set Your Skills Standards and Credentials Requirements

Instantly reference the latest industry data from USA, Europe and Asia to easily set the skills and work standards that your employees should possess, or customise your company's unique skills and requirements.

Track Multiple Categories of Skills Credentials

Licences, certifications, test results, productivity numbers, or even pictures, can be used to track and verify the skills of employees. Supervisors, training or compliance managers, or the employees themselves can update, upload or validate the skills evidence to ensure authenticity.

Automate the Process to Ensure Validity of Credentials

JobKred's system automatically detects non-compliant employees with expired or expiring credentials and instantly sends reminders to all stakeholders to take action, as well as generates instant reports of historical credentials validity for audit or reporting purposes.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Dive deeper into your workforce's skills and credentials landscape with our real-time analytics and reporting feature. Gain insights into skills distributions, identify critical gaps, and monitor compliance levels across departments or the entire organisation.

Seamless Integration with HR Systems

Our skills and credential management software is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing HR systems, ensuring a smooth workflow and centralised data management. This integration capability simplifies the process of syncing employee records, credentials, and performance data, creating a unified platform for all your HR needs.


Reducing Time to Track Skills Information

"JobKred was instrumental in helping us digitise and automate the process of tracking, assessing and recording the skills and credentials of our 2000 staff. From a painful multi-month exercise involving thousands of man-hours, we were able to reduce the effort to only two weeks of work from one staff member to ensure that every employee's skills data was updated and validated in the system."
- Mr Tan, Head of Human Resources, leading logistics company

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Frequently Asked Questions About JobKred’s Skills and Credentials Management Software


What types of skills and credentials can be tracked using JobKred's software?

JobKred’s software is versatile enough to track a wide range of skills and credentials, including professional licences, certifications, test results, productivity metrics, and educational achievements. Whether it's technical competencies, soft skills, or specific qualifications required for your industry, our platform ensures that every aspect of an employee's professional development is accounted for and easily accessible.


Who can update, upload, or validate the evidence of the skills in JobKred's system?

In JobKred’s system, skills evidence can be updated, uploaded, or validated by a variety of users to maintain flexibility and inclusivity. Supervisors, training or compliance managers, and HR professionals are typically empowered to manage these tasks. Importantly, employees themselves can also contribute, uploading evidence of their achievements and certifications, which can then be validated by authorised personnel, fostering a collaborative and transparent approach to skills management.


Can JobKred's software be used for compliance management?

Absolutely. JobKred's software excels in compliance management by automating the tracking of skills and credentials, ensuring that all employees meet the necessary regulatory requirements and industry standards. The system alerts managers to expiring credentials and facilitates the generation of reports for audits, making it an invaluable tool for maintaining compliance across the board.


What industries can benefit from using JobKred's credentials management software?

JobKred’s credentials management software is designed to benefit a broad spectrum of industries, from healthcare and engineering to finance and education. Any sector that requires rigorous management of professional skills, continuous learning, and compliance with standards will find our software to be a critical asset in optimising their workforce’s capabilities and credentials.


Can employees directly contribute to their credentials profile in JobKred?

Yes, employees play a proactive role in managing their credentials profile on JobKred. They can directly upload certificates, licences, and other proofs of competency, which can then be reviewed and validated by designated managers or HR personnel. This feature not only empowers employees to take charge of their professional development but also streamlines the validation process, ensuring that credentials are kept up-to-date.


How does JobKred's credentials management software support workforce development?

JobKred’s credentials management software supports workforce development by providing a clear framework for identifying skills gaps and opportunities for upskilling. By offering insights into the current capabilities of the workforce and aligning them with both present and future industry demands, our software enables organisations to strategically plan training and development initiatives. In conjunction with our comprehensive credentials assessment and tracking software, the organisation can obtain data-driven insights on what their future workforce skills should be, receive verified skills data on where their workforce is today, and have specific clarity on what gaps are existing.This targeted approach to professional development ensures that the workforce remains competitive, adaptable, and primed for both current challenges and future advancements.

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