Real-Time Skills Intelligence

Generate reports or access visualisations and analytics of key workforce data, to diagnose issues, identify potential problems, ensure operational resilience and improve effectiveness of your human capital

Make better decisions
Harness the power of data to make informed talent decisions. Rely less on intuition and more on data when making critical workforce decisions, to reduce bias and enhance the effectiveness of talent strategies.
Strategic workforce planning
Leverage data insights to strategically plan your future workforce needs. Identify the skills your company has and the skills you'll need. Detect skill gaps before they become a problem, and create a roadmap to bridge the gaps.
Improve cost efficiency and results
By understanding your company's skills gaps, strengths and weaknesses, you can place workers where they are most needed and fits their strengths, balance teams, identify new hires who would complement the team, and identify effective training with skills gain ROI.

Succession Planning & Talent Optimisation

"One of my responsibilities is to continuously ensure strong talent bench-strength, and that includes sharing with our shareholders and Board of Directors our succession plan. With JobKred's analytics data, we were able to add a data-driven and bias-free element to instantly generate reports on who were high-performing, fast-learners with a good skills fit that could be potential succession candidates."

- Chief Executive Officer of leading oil and gas company

"I was having increasing customer complaints, and didn't know what the issue was. After using JobKred to analyse the skills of my workforce, we were able to quickly identify critical skills gaps around product knowledge and communications in our sales and customer success team. With that information, we were able to take targeted action and solve the issue immediately."

- Chief Executive Officer of leading manufacturing company

Identify problems or areas of improvement

Use our out-of-the-box analytics from Jobs Skills Fit, Skills Gap analysis, to Skills Matrixes, and quickly identify areas to take action, across countries, departments or even individuals.

Provide curated data access to selected stakeholders

Generate reports instantly or set up customised and curated data access to selected stakeholders and their data, to maintain operational security and privacy.

Share data with other systems

JobKred is able to act as your skills data hub and integrate with other systems, including HR Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, Training Content Providers, Data Lakes, Business Intelligence tools, or any other system upon demand.

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