Develop and retain valuable talent

In the ever-changing market environment, it's essential to develop and retain a workforce that is skills-ready and high-performance, so as to stay ahead of competitors.

Do More with Less People
Build a flexible and skilled workforce, able to cover various functions and roles, and deploy them effectively using our talent marketplace feature.
Prevent Loss of Talent
Top talent with valuable and scarce skills are always in demand, empower talent to view learning and career development pathways so as to prevent loss of talent due to lack of internal opportunities.
Identify Areas of Concern
Pre-emptively identify people, departments or countries where there could be human capital concerns such as lack of critical skills, poor job skills fit, or compliance issues, with our analytics feature

Retaining high value talent

"Our company was in an industry where there was a talent crunch, as our current workforce was aging, and it was hard to attract younger workers to join. Beyond a need to grow and retain a strong pipeline of talent, we needed to ensure we could do more with less workers in the future. The first step we took was to work with JobKred to harmonise key skills across the company, and identify new technologies to adopt, then set this into our competency framework. Next, we worked with our supervisors to onboard all the workers, carry out skills assessments, detect key skilled and high performance talent that was critical to retain, and identify skills gaps to send workers for training. With the JobKred system, we were able to support our initiative of creating a "family" corporate culture, to easily rotate our staff around our 7 countries of operations to encourage familiarity, and also to build a stronger talent pipeline with more cross functional experience. JobKred's system enabled us to reach this goal much faster than planned, and with minimal implementation effort, as well as enabled us to easily maintain this initiative with a digital platform, to better retain our workers."

- CHRO, multi-national logistics firm

Build a Flexible Workforce

Use JobKred's skills framework module to redesign and harmonise skills across the organisation, and build cross-functional workers with overlapping and complementary skillsets, then use our talent marketplace module to match workers quickly and accurately to the right project and role.

Diagnose Skills Health

Through automated benchmark comparisons, JobKred makes sense of your company’s requirements and your company’s skills profiling results to present data insights that helps you understand key strengths and weaknesses within your company.

Encourage Internal Mobility

One of the top reasons employees leave is due to lack of career opportunities. Provide internal career pathways customised to your company, empower employees to view their personal skills gaps for each job role, and enable access to project and job openings for employees to browse and engage with.

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