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The ever-changing industry landscape requires robust talents equipped with the right skills. Companies, however, cannot always look outwardly for talent—it costs as much as six times more to hire from the outside than to build from within. Leverage JobKred's career development software to enable rapid and personalised skills gap analysis, training recommendations, and career pathways for your internal talent development.

Develop Talent In-House
Stem talent outflow, save costs and cultivate skills-ready and productive talent by using JobKred to accelerate talent development.
Invest in the Right Skills
Use skills gap analysis and training recommendations to push the right training to close critical gaps, rather than wasting resources on unnecessary training.
Enable Talent Retention and Succession Pipeline
Retain and grow your best talent by providing AI-guided career pathing and gap analysis based on the company's job architecture.

Main Features of Our Employee Training and Development Software

Our employee training and development software is designed to empower organisations in Singapore to effectively manage and enhance their workforce capabilities. By integrating comprehensive features for skills gap analysis, career path exploration, and enriched career conversations, our platform facilitates a proactive approach to employee development and engagement.

Identify and Close Skills Gaps

Set skills benchmarks and measure employees' skills proficiency to identify their skills gaps, then let the employees access matching training programmes from online providers as well as from the company's training catalogue.

Explore Internal Career Paths

Use JobKred's robust and customisable skills framework creator to set the company's career options and pathways, then allow employees to explore AI-recommended best fit careers, and chart out their career development plans along with their training plans to achieve their career goals.

Deepen Career Conversations

Enable better manager-staff engagements. Managers can view learning progress and career plans in real-time, leave comments, and approve courses that their staff applies for. During review sessions, managers can focus on crucial questions, adjust and log changes to career and learning plans, and answer questions with information supplemented by the platform.

Streamline Training Management

Streamline the organisation, tracking, and administration of training programmes with our software’s comprehensive training management feature. Easily schedule courses, track participation, and evaluate the effectiveness of training . This functionality not only simplifies logistical aspects but also enables organisations to measure training ROI by evaluating skills-gain, ensuring that employee development efforts are both efficient and impactful.

Personalised Career Pathways

Offer personalised Career Development pathways tailored to each employee’s career goals and skills gaps. Our software analyses individual profiles to suggest best-fit carer paths as well as customised training programmes that align with their unique development needs. This personalised approach ensures that employees are clear on their future potential within the company, and engage in meaningful learning experiences that directly contribute to their professional growth and the organisation's strategic objectives.


Empowering Self-Development for Employees

"We wanted to enable employees to have effective and data-driven conversations with their supervisors on their skills and career plans, by using a system to carry out self and supervisor skills assessments, then letting the employees explore relevant career choices within the organisation and understanding their transferable skills as well as any skills gaps. The goal was to empower employees to take ownership and self-direct their own career evolution within the organisation, and using JobKred helped us achieve that goal with minimal effort and within a few months. Now we run bi-annual skills rating exercises easily, with JobKred doing the heavy lifting."

- HR Director, government agency

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Frequently Asked Questions About JobKred’s Career Development Software


What features does JobKred's career development software offer for manager-staff engagement?

JobKred’s career development software enhances manager-staff engagement through real-time visibility into learning progress, career aspirations, and training plans. It facilitates meaningful conversations by enabling managers to view, comment on, and provide feedback directly on the employees career development plans within the platform. This fosters a collaborative environment where managers can actively support their team's development goals, making every interaction more impactful and focused on growth.


Does JobKred's career development software allow for course approval by managers?

Yes, our software streamlines the course approval process, granting managers the ability to review and approve training requests directly within the system. This feature ensures that all learning activities align with organisational goals and individual career paths, allowing for a more strategic approach to employee development and ensuring that investments in training deliver maximum value.


How does JobKred help in answering staff questions during review sessions?

During review sessions, JobKred provides managers with access to comprehensive data and insights about their employees’ learning and career progress, enabling them to answer questions with confidence and accuracy. The platform's analytics and reporting capabilities offer detailed information on skills development, training outcomes, and career trajectory, making it easier for managers to address inquiries and support their team's development needs effectively.


How does JobKred use AI in career development?

JobKred leverages AI to revolutionise career development by offering personalised career path recommendations and identifying tailored training opportunities that align with each employee's skills, interests, and career aspirations. AI algorithms analyse vast amounts of data to identify future industry trends and skill requirements, then analyse employee skills and recommend best-fit career pathways, ensuring that employees are guided towards paths that not only fulfill their professional goals but also meet the evolving needs of the organisation. This intelligent approach to career planning empowers employees to navigate their development journey with confidence, supported by data-driven insights and recommendations.

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