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The #1 Skills Management Platform for Skill-Intensive, Technical Industries

JobKred is an AI-powered workforce transformation platform, using skills intelligence to help companies better track, develop and retain their workers.

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Startup to Enterprise

Whether you’re a startup looking to build a skilled team or an established enterprise seeking workforce optimisation, JobKred stands as your trusted partner. With our skills management software, we’re dedicated to driving your success and growth.

Achieving Outcomes

Focused on Success

Leveraging the leading skills management software developed in Singapore, JobKred offers an unparalleled platform designed to navigate the complexities of skills and competency management. We’ve helped hundreds of companies achieve outcomes, such as faster skills gain, increased skills fit, increased retention, and easier skills management.
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FOR Competitive, fast-moving industries

Build an agile and flexible workforce

Build a multi-talented workforce that can meet the evolving demands of industry and customers, and ensure your company can excel in a competitive market.
Foster Versatile Employees: Develop cross-functional skill-sets, identify key skills and new technologies to focus on, detect and close skills gaps, and ensure that your company is developing the latest capabilities and best skills to win.
Deploy & Retain Valuable Talent: Set career development pathways, identify succession candidates, grow a pipeline of experienced talent by deploying workers for projects and jobs, and build a competitive edge by having and effectively utilising the best talent in the business.


Track, Assess and Grow the Skills of Your Workforce

We employ sophisticated skills management software that assesses workforce capabilities, identifies skill gaps, and predicts future needs, aligning with industry trends and business objectives. By facilitating targeted training and career development, JobKred ensures employees are prepared for both current roles and future opportunities, boosting organisational competitiveness and employee satisfaction while minimising turnover.

Enable the movement to a skills-based future of work by empowering your company with JobKred’s automated skills management and development software. Our system offers:

Our UNique Value

Why Clients Prefer JobKred’s Skills Management Software

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APAC, USA, Europe skills data, languages, and implementation expertise, ready for global deployment
Configurable permissions, data, security and dashboards for the complex needs of multi-region enterprises
Proven success with business outcomes, such as increased workforce productivity, talent retention, cost savings, etc
GDPR, PDPA compliance along with enterprise-grade security trusted by global enterprises and government clients
Successful engagements from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, as well as national-level deployments
Trusted by and working with Best-In-Class partners, such as international consulting firms and market-leading tech companies

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Let us run a customised pilot for you. Discover how our skills management software can revolutionise your approach to employee development and skills tracking.

Explore beyond skills management with our comprehensive suite of HR solutions, including a skills intelligence platform and career development software, designed to enhance every aspect of your talent management strategy.
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Frequently Asked Questions About JobKred’s Skills Management Software


How does JobKred's skills management software work?

JobKred’s skills management software leverages AI to provide a comprehensive analysis of your workforce's skills landscape. It systematically tracks, assesses, and manages employee skills, aligning them with industry standards and future requirements. By using data-driven insights, the platform enables personalised development plans to ensure your team is equipped for today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.


Why is skills management important for companies?

Effective skills management ensures that organisations can swiftly adapt to market changes and technological advancements. It allows companies to pinpoint skill gaps, forecast future skills needs, and invest in targeted training. This proactive approach boosts productivity, enhances employee engagement, and secures a competitive edge by fostering a skilled, adaptable workforce.


Can JobKred help identify and close skills gaps?

Absolutely. JobKred specialises in identifying precise skills gaps within your organisation through its advanced skills assessment platform. It offers actionable insights and recommendations for training and development initiatives that specifically target these gaps, facilitating continuous growth and adaptation. In addition, JobKred connects to leading training providers like Udemy and Coursera, and is able to ingest your own in-house training content as well.


What makes JobKred's approach to skills management unique?

JobKred's unique approach combines AI-powered analytics with comprehensive skills assessment frameworks to provide real-time visibility into workforce capabilities. This, coupled with our extensive database from our global skills data crawled from 300 million job postings, to national frameworks from US, Europe, Asia, allows for precise benchmarking against industry standards and peer evaluations, making our solutions both innovative and effective.


Can JobKred help deploy valuable talent effectively?

Yes, through its dynamic skills tracking framework, JobKred not only identifies your most valuable talent but also suggests optimal deployment strategies. By aligning individual skill sets with project needs, our software ensures that your workforce is not just busy, but strategically engaged in areas where they can make the most impact.


Can JobKred assist in workforce transformation?

JobKred is designed to be a catalyst for workforce transformation. By providing a clear picture of current skills and future needs, as well as facilitating the implementation of transformation strategies across all employees, we empower organisations to undertake strategic planning for talent development, ensuring the workforce evolves in step with the company's growth and the changing industry landscape. In addition, JobKred has in-house consulting capabilities as well as partnerships with global brand-name consulting firms, to facilitate the strategy and implementation of workforce transformation strategies in a rapid and efficient manner.


Is JobKred suitable for all industries?

Yes, JobKred's platform is versatile and scalable, making it suitable for a wide range of industries in Singapore and elsewhere in the world. From tech and finance to healthcare and education, our skills management software offers customisable solutions to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of various sectors, facilitating industry-specific skills development and management.

JobKred is most suited for industries with strong technical skill sets, such as manufacturing, aerospace, energy, where skillsets are evolving quickly and talent is scarce or hard to attract. JobKred can help identify and retain key skilled talent, as well as help grow and develop internal talent to acquire the right skills and transition to the right roles for the future


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