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Build a skills-ready and high-performance workforce

JobKred is an AI-powered Workforce Transformation platform, using Skills Intelligence to help companies better track, develop and retain their workers.

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Startup to Enterprise

Whether a startup looking to build a skilled team or an established enterprise seeking workforce optimisation, JobKred is your trusted partner in driving success and growth.
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Helping hundreds of companies achieve outcomes such as faster skills gain, increased skills fit, increased retention, and easier skills management
Validated skills tracked
Client retention
Job Profiles created
FOR Competitive, fast-moving industries

Build an agile and flexible workforce

Build a multi-talented workforce that can meet the evolving demands of industry and customers, and ensure your company can excel in a competitive market
Foster versatile employees : Develop cross-functional skill-sets, identify key skills and new technologies to focus on, detect and close skills gaps, and ensure that your company is developing the latest capabilities and best skills to win.
Deploy & retain valuable talent: Set career development pathways, identify succession candidates, grow a pipeline of experienced talent by deploying workers for projects and jobs, and build a competitive edge by having and effectively utilising the best talent in the business.
Our UNique Value

Why clients prefer JobKred

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APAC, USA, Europe skills data, languages, and implementation expertise, ready for global deployment
Configurable permissions, data, security and dashboards for the complex needs of multi-region enterprises
Proven success with business outcomes such as increased workforce productivity, talent retention, cost savings, etc
GDPR, PDPA compliance along with enterprise grade security trusted by global enterprises and government clients
Successful engagements from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, as well as national-level deployments
Trusted by and working with Best-In-Class partners such as international consulting firms and market-leading tech companies

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