Talent Marketplace and Internal Mobility

Utilise AI-powered skills matching to deploy the right workers with the right skills to the relevant projects and jobs. Ensure efficient utilisation of human resources to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Deploy With Speed and Precision
Easily find the right staff for the right job, with their right skills, credentials and experience, automatically matched by our AI.
Reduce bias and improve learning
Use skills data to make unbiased work deployments, and enable employees to take on more projects to increase on-the-job learning opportunities and gain experience.
Effectively utilise your workforce
Optimise your workforce deployment, improve work effectiveness, and encourage employees to take on relevant opportunities to fully maximise the potential of your skills inventory and your employees.

Building and utilising our Skills Bank

"Our company is project-based and requires workers with specialised and regulated skill-sets, making it critical that the right person with the right skills is deployed to relevant projects. Previously we depended upon an individual manager who was supposed to understand a hundred workers' skillsets and deploy accordingly. Not surprisingly, there was lack of speed in deployment, mismatches, and some unhappiness from clients on deployment choices.

With JobKred, we were able to rapidly build up a skills bank of verified skills, then match talent to the right project easily and objectively, thus increasing client satisfaction, improving deployment speed and improving successful completion of projects. We were able to see improved employee satisfaction and better bench strength of workers with relevant experience and skills, thus reducing our operational risk of lack of matching workers."

- Chief Executive Officer, leading IT solutions company

Create and staff projects and internal jobs

Set job and skills requirements, post projects and job openings, manage candidate pipeline, compare candidates for the role, then accept and assign candidates. Alternatively, connect JobKred to your current ATS system to manage candidates.

Discover matching talent

Receive AI recommendations on talent with the right skills and credentials to match to the opportunity. Access matches  based on job and skills fit to discover under-the-radar talent, or use data to justify appointments to internal or external stakeholders.

Increase experience and skills gain

Enable talent to find and discover opportunities to grow their skills and experience in their current career track, or stretch themselves to learn new skills on the job in new areas of interest, and receive verified skills assessments from project owners, thus increasing the pool of workers with trusted skills in the organisation.

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