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CrimsonLogic is a trusted partner to governments and businesses around the world for over 30 years, delivering excellence through their deep domain knowledge in Trade Facilitation, Legal, Digital Government and Cyber Security.
CrimsonLogic now enjoys fast and efficient skills profiling of its entire organisation (over 700 employees). Individuals are now equipped with a personalised development plan. This resulted in a 10x increase in course application rates by employees and close to 50% lower attrition as a result of higher employee satisfaction from the newly improved training & development they received. CrimsonLogic successfully built an Agile Future-Ready Workforce, with a diverse set of skills that can be rapidly deployed across multiple projects.
of users profiled with a personalized career development plan
average skills fit of each employee using JobKred
lower attrition for each department achieved
course application increase by employees

"By partnering JobKred, we equip our employees with a plethora of online tools for self-directed support. This helps our employees improve the flexibility of their careers, and provides the latitude to explore other areas of skill development. Additionally, leadership at CrimsonLogic can now easily visualize our company’s technical strength and competencies, to better plan and optimise resourcing”

Sylvia Koh

CHRO, CrimsonLogic

Problem Statement

Previously, CrimsonLogic used traditional top-down mandated training programs to manage job roles. The training was decided by business unit heads only once a year and did not reference external industry trends. This approach led the company to face difficulties in accurately benchmarking their staff. It was also challenging to maintain a workforce with robust skill sets that could be rapidly deployed across multiple projects. CrimsonLogic needed a way to efficiently evaluate where their employees stand based on their skill level, and measure that against the community, and update this evaluation on a frequent basis.


By partnering JobKred, CrimsonLogic could now harness AI-generated global data to ascertain its current state of capability, whilst constantly monitoring the external labour market to gain new insights. By identifying and contextualising job profiles and skills requirements to company needs, CrimsonLogic created a cohesive and agile competency framework across the entire organisation, including countries, departments, and teams.

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