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Ever-changing industry landscapes require evolving success criteria, and the need for robust talents and skillsets. Companies however cannot always look outwardly for talent – it costs as much as 6 times more to hire from the outside than to build from within. JobKred’s platform marries data with intelligence to help you optimise your staff’s skills fit, develop your internal talent marketplace, and empower your managers to go further.
Future Proof Workforce
Deploy Speed Precision
Deploy With Speed and Precision
Find the right staff for the right job with data insights at your fingertips.
In-house Talent
Develop Talent In-House
Stem talent outflow and save costs by empowering talent development in your company.
Enhanced Career Conversation
Enable High-Touch Career Conversations
Help your managers go the extra mile by using data gathered from the platform to guide the conversation to what’s crucial.

The Secret to Effective Talent Management

Let data work for you and your managers. Use key data insights to drive strategic planning decisions to help you stay on top, no matter how quickly the landscape changes.
Talent Management - Skills Level

Optimise Employee Deployment

Quickly find staff in the company with the right skillsets and toggle between profiles to gain an in-depth understanding of each staff in a matter of minutes.

Develop Internal Talent Hub

Post job openings complete with skill requirements in a few clicks. See how well your applicants match your skill requirements or browse recommended candidates from the company generated by the platform intelligence.
Talent Mangement - Job Rotation
Talent Management - Deeper Career Conversation

Deepen Career Conversations

Empower manager-staff engagements with learning plans. Managers can view learning progress in real-time, leave comments, and approve courses that their staff applies for. During review sessions, managers can focus on crucial questions, adjust and log changes to learning plans, and skip pass basic questions with information supplemented by the platform.

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