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Partnership Overview

JobKred is proud to announce its partnership with SNEF to deliver a brand new 90-Day Training Needs Analysis (TNA) programme.

Powered by JobKred’s SPRE platform, enterprises can now seamless apply Singapore’s SkillsFuture Framework (SFw) as the basis of enterprise Job Profile creation, to enable a data-driven approach to rate and close employee Skills Gaps.

Key Programme Benefits

For Businesses

  • Harness the power of AI and data to build an Agile & Future-Ready Workforce
  • Review your Business and Human Capital strategies quickly and effectively
  • Perform Accelerated Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and receive targeted training recommendations

For Human Resources

  • Get equipped with Knowledge and Best Practices in People Analytics, Technology and Culture
  • No more Spreadsheets! Save hours of manual work by using our AI-assisted platform to enjoy Automation & Intelligence 
  • Benefit from World-Class Cloud-based Infrastructure and Security

Your 90-Day Training Needs Analysis Journey

Stage 1

System Onboarding (4 weeks)

After the 1-Day SNEF workshop, JobKred will work with you to set up user access to SPRE. Job Profiles will be refined by referencing against Singapore SkillsFuture Frameworks*.

Stage 2

Skill Gap Validation (2 weeks)

JobKred to conduct skills gap validation exercise with Enterprise Staff and Supervisors.

Stage 3

Assessment (2 weeks)

JobKred to conduct skills readiness assessment of enterprise staff. This will identify organisation-wide skill gaps.

Stage 4

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) (2 weeks)

JobKred to conduct TNA of enterprise staff against new job profiles and skills, based on the list of training programmes offered by SNEF^.

Stage 5

Impact Report (2 weeks)

JobKred to submit Skills Readiness and TNA Reports to Enterprise for implementation.
* Based on 1 SFw framework. Job Profile description, tasks, skills and proficiency levels as per listed in SFw framework, without customization.

^ Per the course catalogue provided by SNEF. Skills without corresponding SNEF programmes will be indicated as N.A.


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