JobKred Snags Technology Excellence Award For Computer Software

April 21, 2021

JobKred’s AI and software enables organisations to rapidly build a transformation cycle from the ground up, to maximise human capital potential.


Created to allow companies to utilise labour market data and transform their workforce at a much faster pace, Software as a Service (SaaS) company JobKred has created Enterprise software (SPRE), that utilises AI technology and big data to empower organisations to develop agile and future-ready workforces.


SPRE offers a real-time, bird’s eye view of any organisation’s skills bank by combining millions of labour market data points into an easy-to-use, digitalised competency framework. Organisations can now quickly and easily identify skills gaps and take strategic actions to grow, optimise and future-proof their skills inventory.


Through this product, JobKred has helped companies reduce the time and cost of workforce transformation by up to 80%.


SPRE provides its clients with four powerful features:


Real-time Human Capital Intelligence


SPRE allows organisations to view capabilities at a glance, identify organisational skill gaps, and assess requirements. JobKred then pairs those needs with other SPRE features, such as Learning & Development recommendations to close skills gaps. Management can now get a pulse on their human capital and can dive deep into the micro team and department levels, or zoom out to analyse data at a macro organisational level.


Data-driven Strategic Workforce Planning


SPRE’s AI and data insights help organisations discover, analyse and implement workforce development strategies. Built with evolving industries and workforces in mind, JobKred helps companies chart the future by merging real-time global labour market references with individual company needs. Oiltanking was able to use SPRE to achieve >80% average job readiness in their organisation, compared to the Oil & Gas industry’s 60% level.


Personalised Learning and Development


SPRE allows both individuals and organisations to achieve their respective goals and ambitions cohesively through Learning and Development. Through SPRE, supervisors can easily work with employees to accurately identify their individual skills gaps. Employees will then receive personalised training recommendations based on their individual career goals, skills requirements and validated skills. Through SPRE, CrimsonLogic saw a 10x increase in course application, and close to 50% lower attrition rates as a result of higher employee satisfaction.


Predictive Talent Management


Ever-changing industry landscapes require evolving success criteria and the need for robust talents and skillsets. Organisations cannot always look outwardly for talent though, since an external hire can cost up to six times the cost of reskilling and redeploying an internal candidate. SPRE marries data with intelligence to help optimise staff skills fit, create an internal talent marketplace, and empower managers to have better career conversations with their reports.


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CEO Gary Gan receives the 2021 SBR Technology Excellence Awards for the Computer Software Category

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