JobKred, a Singapore-based AI-powered Skills Intelligence Company, Launches its First-of-its-Kind HR Tech Platform in Japan to Accelerate Workforce Transformation

June 30, 2021

TOKYO, June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — JobKred, a Singapore-based AI-powered Skills Intelligence Startup, is proud to announce today their expansion into Tokyo, Japan, which aims to support Japanese organisations with accelerated workforce transformation. Funded by Japanese venture capital Accord Ventures, JobKred will be the first HR Tech AI platform in Japan, with the analytical tools and capabilities to address the country’s current workforce crisis, aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Established in 2014, JobKred is the 2021 award winner for the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards, whose HR Tech platform has accelerated workforce transformation for companies all over the world. JobKred is capable of identifying a clear direction in workforce development and enables organisations to increase efficiency in recruitment processes through talent development within the company.


As Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare reported over 80,000 jobs lost in 2021 due to COVID-19, this suggests an urgent need for the Japanese workforce to move away from their legacy “Membership-Type” employment. By expanding into Japan, JobKred aims to provide the proper framework and metrics for Japanese organisations, which will allow them to smoothly transition from “Membership-Type” employment into “Job-Type” employment.


“Since COVID-19, we’ve been approached by many large Japanese companies who have expressed the need for a workforce solution that enables ease of job transition and progression. Japan has always been one of our target markets, and this organic demand for a solution like ours has accelerated our decision to focus on growth in Japan and solving the needs of the market. From skills development, to reskilling, upskilling, and retraining, we have spoken to a handful of Japanese companies who have agreed with our value in skills intelligence and career development for both their local teams and international teams,“ said CEO and Co-Founder of JobKred, Gary Gan.


Dedicated to enterprise businesses, JobKred’s global human resources platform provides skills intelligence data and analytical tools allow management teams to make decision-based on data and insights. This enables companies to navigate through changes in their industry and maintain their competitive advantage across markets.


To further increase organisational efficiency, JobKred also offers a personalised career development platform. This function allows employees to evaluate their job performance, identify their skill gaps, and access recommended personalised training courses that are readily available online or in-person. Upon completing their self-assessment, employees will find themselves motivated to take responsibility for their personal career development, without the need for close contact supervision from higher management.


JobKred’s solutions have attained success repeatedly for multiple organisations in Singapore, achieving an above average improvement in employee engagement, and reducing attrition rate up to 37% for award-winning government tech solutions companies, such as CrimsonLogic. Throughout 2020-2021, JobKred has seen over 400% growth in companies utilising their platform, and over 100,000 employee users. To date, JobKred has supported workforce transformation in Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies and global organisations, such as World Bank, UNESCO, Asian Development Bank, and more.


Moving forward in 2021, JobKred intends to expand their team in Japan and announce their upcoming partnerships with established learning and development providers, Small Medium Enterprise and Multinational Corporation partnerships in the market. With a goal to become a global tech company, JobKred is also aiming to expand their offerings to companies in Australia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

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