We are on a mission to
future-proof the world's workforce.

Established in 2014, JobKred provides technologies to empower individuals and organisations to thrive in the new digital economy. Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, JobKred decodes the interdependent relationships among industries, careers, jobs and skills and presents them in a self-help digital platform.


JobKred’s AI technology allows businesses to utilise labour market data to transform any workforce at a faster pace. We have helped companies reduce the time and cost of workforce transformation by up to 80%.


Beyond supporting business and workforce transformation on a local and international level, JobKred has also established partnerships with the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), World Bank, Asia Development Bank, Oiltanking, ST Logistics, and CrimsonLogic, among others.


For individuals, JobKred guides employees in navigating the present and future of the labour market and workforce. On a larger scale, they inform teams, departments and entire organisations of their skill profiles to enable clear direction in workforce development and talent acquisition.

The New Talent Stack

Real-time talent analytics, strategic workforce planning, custom training hub – we have it all. We understand your needs and have put them together in one platform that puts data at the heart of talent development.
Real-time talent analytics, strategic workforce planning, training hub
Removing Talent Development Complexity

Removing Talent Development Complexity

We make sense of millions of new data points, work with content providers, institutions, and consulting partners every day so that companies who run on JobKred don’t have to.

Innovative, Cutting-Edge Technology

JobKred embraces the power of big data to build state-of-the-art prediction models that adapt along with the ever-changing labour landscape. With millions of data points analysed daily, we provide unprecedented insights into talent development.
Innovative, Cutting-Edge Technology

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