Analyse Your
Workforce DNA

View your organisation’s capabilities at a glance, identify your organisational skill gaps, and assess your requirements with JobKred’s platform solutions across every level. Deep dive into micro team and department levels, or zoom out to analyse your data at a macro organisational level. Get your pulse on your human capital.
Real-time Organisational view
From skills profiling to rating tools, we offer a holistic solution that enables you to view, understand and analyse your organisation’s capabilities.
Efficient Profiling
Our platform enables one supervisor to validate an entire team’s skills in less than 30 minutes.
Analytics at Every Level
Toggle between team, department, and organisation views in a matter of seconds.

Business Data At Your Fingertips

It is often complicated to get data across teams, departments and the organisation – but it doesn’t have to be that way.
JobKred allows you to easily map your company’s skills and competencies, analyse them against your job profile requirements, and switch between teams, departments and organisational-wide views easily.
Human Capital Intelligence - Skills Bank

Map Skills DNA

Effective management starts from a thorough understanding of competencies and capabilities, but such information is not always available on hand – traditionally, it takes 20 hours of work to detail one individual staff’s skills, 30 minutes for a supervisor to validate an entire team’s skills, and hundreds more to store, organise and analyses efficiently. With real-time human capital intelligence in JobKred’s platform, you can learn exactly what skillsets you have in your company, including specific proficiency levels.

Diagnose Skills Health

Through automated benchmark comparisons, the system makes sense of your company’s requirements and your company’s skills profiling results to present data insights that help you understand key strengths and weaknesses within your company.
Human Capital Intelligence - Skills Level

Cross-Sectional Analytics

Need a more detailed breakdown of a particular group? Switch between organisational, departmental, team, and individual staff view in a matter of seconds to obtain the insights you need to make timely critical decisions.

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