Smart Learning
For Everyone

Accurately identifying staff skills gaps and applying the right training can reduce training time required by up to 50% – but it is not always easy to do that. Let data be your guide by equipping each individual in your company with personalised training recommendations based on their individual career goals, skills requirements and validated skills. Empower your staff to achieve their individual career ambitions and advance your company’s key strategic goals at the same time.
Deploy Speed Precision
Precision Career Guidance
Supervisor-validated skills ratings give Employees clarity and precision of what the next steps are in their Learning & Development journey.
In-house Talent
Personalised Intelligence For Every Staff
Empower every staff in the company with their own unique learning recommendations to help them meet their goals.
Enhanced Career Conversation

Unified Learning Metrics All in One Place

Track the workforce’s learning progress, view learning trends, most popular courses, and other learning data all in one place.

Your Internal Automated Learning Hub

Pick courses, approve requests, and have your staff receive intelligent personalised recommendations all in one place.
Learning & Development - Learning Hub

Unified Training Hub & Administration

Browse recommended courses from JobKred’s suite of online and offline training providers, or add internal courses for your staff. Utilise administration tools such as course applications from your staff to manage all your learning needs in one place.

Personalised Career Guidance

Following, staff can take action by instantly finding courses within the platform to bridge skill gaps with just a few clicks to see recommended courses. Staff can also select from courses to craft their individual learning plans and co-manage their learning progress with their supervisors.
Learning & Development - Company Careers
Learning & Development - Company Career

Identify Skills Gaps

With efficient skills validation performed by supervisors using the platform, staff can immediately view how they compare against company benchmarks right away and receive training to close those gaps.

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