• Visualise with interactive dashboards 
  • Analyse, monitor and compare key metrics 
  • Understand skills, gaps and proficiency
  • Support in shaping talent strategies 
Skills Intelligence_JobKred

Skills Management

  • Consolidate, organise employees’ skills   
  • Understand current workforce skills and proficiency 
  • Skills Directory 
  • Common language of skills

Competency Management

  • Build and operationalise competency frameworks
  • Job Profiles and skills referencing to national standards, build your own or global data 
  • Create and classify skill types 
Skills Intelligence_JobKred
Skills Intelligence_JobKred

Skills Audit

  • Skills rating by employees
  • Skills validation by managers  
  • Skills gap assessment 
  • Common language of skills

Career Pathways

  • Recommended career pathways based on skills and aspirations
    Skills Intelligence_JobKred

    Make better decisions with
    Skills Intelligence

    #1 Prepare for the Future of Work
    #2 Skills Relevancy
    #3 Business Continuity
    #4 Build talent pipeline