Chart Your
Workforce Strategy

JobKred’s Artificial Intelligence and data insights help you discover, analyse and implement your workforce development strategy. Built with evolving industries and workforces in mind, JobKred helps you chart the future by marrying real-time global labour market references with your company needs.
Chart Your Workforce Strategy
Create Future-Ready Transformation Plan
Create your digitised transformation framework 90% faster than traditional methods, with our 5 million labour market data points and 30,000 skills taxonomy definitions

Unify Competency Frameworks

One-click to instantly push requirement changes across the organisation. One reference point for all stakeholders.
Stay Updated With Emerging Skills
Add skills based on global industry trends and skills frameworks.

Let Data Lead The Way

Planning the best future for your company works better when you have the data. With JobKred, you get instant access to the skills analytics that matter – and the deeper understanding of your company needs that comes with it.
Strategic Workforce Planning - Skills Rating

Benchmark Skills Globally

Make informed decisions about the talent you need with our industry insights that allow you to see how your organisation measures up and where you might want to improve.

Identify Emerging Skills

The needs of industries and markets are changing more rapidly than ever. Keep abreast with the latest set of emerging skills and stay one step ahead of the market.
Strategic Workforce Planning - Industry Skill Set
Strategic Workforce Planning - Skills Proficiency Level

Digitise Competency Frameworks

Changing requirements requires clear communication to align your organisation to the standards you want. Harmonise your competency frameworks digitally to have one clear reference point for everyone.

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