Why skills intelligence is important in the face of the great resignation

18 Jan 2022

As organisations start the new year intent on implementing their business plans and achieving the goals set out for 2022, keeping track of workforce skills and managing skills upgrading with real-time skills intelligence have become a critical part of the strategy. Firms are increasingly focusing on upskilling their employees so they have the skills and knowledge required for the jobs of tomorrow, not just today.

Don't underestimate Skills Management

13 Dec 2021

Don’t underestimate the importance of skills management. Just like managing your inventory, sales and budget, skills management allows businesses to identify and evaluate the current supply of skills and gaps, and build talent strategies to support company goals.  
Skills Intelligence

Are you leveraging skills intelligence to formulate your talent and business strategies?

24 Nov 2021

What does it take to be an organisation that is truly living in the digital age? It is a balance of many things, but one aspect that cannot be overlooked is skills intelligence. Let us explore the benefits of having sound skills intelligence and how leveraging this will positively impact your business. 

Why are skills the currency of the future business world?

2 Sep 2021 by Gary Gan 

We often talk about talent development and retention, but what do skills have to do with it? Why is identifying skill gaps so important?